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Binky's Page

Dedicated to Robin (GA), Tigger (GA) & Nikita (GA)

Binky, May 24 1987 - March 14 2003
This picture was taken in Nov 2002, shortly before his final illness.
Binky died not from diabetes but due to general failure of all systems.  His obituary can be found here.  Au revoir, sweet boy.
Binky was my adorable, plush, extremely loving, beige tabby cat, who was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2000.  Several years ago, with major input from the wonderful and supportive community at the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB), as well as many others who have sent me information on cat foods, I compiled several useful documents, which are listed below.


Feline Diabetes Message Board Frequently Asked Questions List

Frugal Feline Diabetes
(How to care for your diabetic cat on a slim budget)

Five Steps to Regulating Your Diabetic Cat
(brought to you by special guest authors Susan & Shadow)

Beyond Twice a Day Fixed Dosing
Supplemental techniques to use to help regulate your cat


Canned Cat Foods Table -- US

Dry Cat Foods Table -- US

Non-US foods, canned and dry

Food Table Questions & Answers

Binky Boo Pretty Paws
-- coincidence, or a voice from beyond?

How to Treat Hypoglycemia
by Melissa & Popcorn (GA)

(This should be posted on your refrigerator at all times)
FDMB Glossary
by Melissa & Popcorn (GA)

(A guide to what all these arcane terms mean)
by Lisa & Gorb

(If you haven't found
what you need here,
you'll probably find it
at Gorb's site)
Feline Diabetes Library
by Anne & French Fry

(Lots of informational goodies)

Boo's Valley Sugarcats
by Deanie & Boo

(Lots more informational goodies)

KittyPic Links Page

by Jon & Patches

(All the essential
links in one place)

Pets With Diabetes
Boo's Valley Sugarcats

Pat et al's 10 reasons not to change that diet just yet!
Noreen's canned and dry food lists with phosphorus info

If this information has been useful to you, please make a donation to the Diabetic Pets Fund at IMOM, an all-volunteer non-profit organization which exists to improve the lives of our animal companions.

Many thanks to the following people for making this page possible:

Michael, Nancy, Pouncer, Arly(GA) and Abigail (GA) of Sugarcats for hosting this page for so many years.

Dr. Rebecca Price of for creating the Feline Diabetes Message Board.

Albert S. Gore, who, while in Congress, played a major role in funding what eventually became the Internet, and so made it possible for many people from many countries to share their knowledge and experience.

And, of course,  the wonderful members of the Feline Diabetes Message Board who so generously contributed their time to the mission of helping diabetic cats and supporting their humans.

Page created by Janet, inspired and supervised by Binky (resident muse -- or is that "mews"?).  I can be contacted at  Senders of spam will be thrice-cursed in accordance with the laws of karma.